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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ut-oh, Charlotte got the kick?

As we all know, Charlotte AKA N1mka4eva is not the most normal person on Stardoll. But recentley, she let her craziness out of the cage and posted a huge rant on PSG about how she hates everyone. The post was entitled "HATE" and was a huge speach about how Charlotte was a real person and there were people behind the MeDoll's BLAHDY BLAHDY BLAH. Basically, it was classic Charlotte (boring). In this post she "attacked" such members as myself and SaltyDan, but why?

Let's turn back the clock and see where this all started, shall we?

Well firstly, Charlotte added me and we were having an okay conversation over mail. We started going into detail about how she was at a mental hospital, and she was telling me what she did in the week. Here's what she said exactly...

What kind of mental hospital lets there patients out to go to zoos and cinemas? 

This was only the first thing that seemed to make me suspicious. Looking back through my mail, I also came across this message...

If you're wondering who Glicka is, it's her travel sick teddy bear that she talks to. Don't ask, I didn't.

Now, either Charlotte has got the point where she is that crazy, she creates people in her head  and calls them her family or she is just point blank lying about being in a mental hospital. 

After seeing these messages and reading them more carefully, my belief in her story went down hill. When I asked her to prove herself a little more, this is what she replied with...

Click here to see the video she included.

That could be any bedroom right? There's nothing special about it. Nothing "mental" nor "hospital" about it. 

Also, if you look she says that she only comes on Stardoll on a weekend when she gets her "weekend leave" yet if you scroll back up you will see that the message she sent to me in the first picture was on the 25th which was a FRIDAY. The last time I checked, Friday wasn't part of the weekend.

I won't go into detail, but one of my friends has been in a mental hospital and she told me that they don't let you out, they don't let you order pizza and they definitely don't let you take in a mobile phone.

In my opinion, Charlotte is lying. The evidence she has given is very weak and this whole thing just doesn't fit together properly.

She must think that because her story is so sensitive and kind of a taboo that no one will question her about it because we're all too nice, as soon as she realises we're not all sugar coated fairies, her story begins to crumble.

Let's skip a few days to the first Radio Perez show on tinychat. Charlotte turned up, and people got to talking about her. I was telling people about these CRAZY messages she had been sending me and this sparked a conversation about her being in a mental hospital.Dan made a witty comment whilst talking about how he didn't believe her and a lot of people laughed, because what Dan said was funny and amusing. Charlotte claimed that she started "crying" because everyone was "laughing at her". Get over yourself, we were laughing at what Dan said not directly at YOU. 

All this commotion caused Charlotte to write her "rant" on PSG, and then the god blessed comments section brought her to do some explainin'.

One commenter talked about how she made a topic in the formerly famous "animal-club"  (or however it was put) about her parents being divorced and that Charlotte made an input and told the 11 YEAR OLD GIRL that it was all her fault and that she should overdose herself on pills. Unlucky for Charlotte, Dan witnessed this being said and as soon as he told Perez, BAM! -our beloved insane bitch Charlotte was removed from PSG, never to post again;

Awwww, poor Charlotte.

My main point of this whole post;

Charlotte is a liar, and nothing good will EVER come to her Stardoll life if she continues to behave the way she is doing. Hopefully being removed from PSG will push her out of the spotlight and she will lay off Stardoll and sort her real life out. Because even if she isn't in a mental hospital, she sure as hell belongs in one. Also, if you voted for Charlotte to be kicked off of PSG in the poll then go change your vote cause she's long gone.

What do you think? 

Should Charlotte have been kicked from PSG?
Is she telling the truth about this "mental hospital" thing?
Or is she just literally insane? 


Friday, 25 February 2011


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