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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Anybody there?

It came to my attention earlier today that a lot of this blogs followers are members who are no longer active on Stardoll or in the blogging community.

Please leave a comment if you are reading this right now. I just want to know how many of you are still alive, the idea of posting to a ghost town doesn't appeal to me.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

VOGUE on verge of collapse

A recent outburst of posts on many other blogs has urged me to share my views regarding the topic on everybody's tongue at the moment; the fall of VOGUE.

Stardoll VOGUE is a few slaves short of an empire created by Russian dictator user Christina (jelinna). VOGUE started as just a magazine, but soon expanded and branched into many other projects including VOGUE Model House; an overpriced scam opportunity created in which dolls could apply to be a model for VOGUE on either a 6 month contract (for the price of 500 Stardollars) or a 12 month contract (in exchange for a purse splitting amount of 900 Stardollars) and VOGUE Daily, a blog which publishes posts about fashion and news throughout Stardoll. Christina even hired me, but I quit after realising how boring the blog was. It's impossible though to deny that VOGUE has become dominant in Stardoll within the past few months.

But, just days after celebrating it's first birthday, a little bug by the name of Kirsten (sparklewand12) crawled out of the woodwork and exposed empress Christina in a way that shook us all. Kirsten  composed a post on her blog which stated that Christina had refused to refund her payment after notifying her that she is quitting.

To my knowledge, Kirsten purchased a 12 month contract which granted her the privilege of being featured in at least 12 graphics (1 issue every month - 12 months = 12 issues = 12 features) but the shameful reality is that Kirsten appeared in only TWO graphics since purchasing her almost 1k Stardollars contract. She decided it wasn't worth the hassle; keeping to the contract meant she couldn't change her doll nor appear in graphics made by others, so she informed Christina that she was dropping out of the VOGUE Model House. 

Kirsten requested that Christina give her a partial refund of 450SD considering she had only stuck on for 6 months - Christina rudely declined stating "it's not my fault". The real issue is that Kirsten is 100% entitled to a partial refund as she did NOT break any of the rules or specifications whilst on her contract, but Christina (being the greedy corporate queen she is) has her pockets sealed shut.

Should Christina give back the cash?
Is it rude of Kirsten to ask for a refund in the first place?
Are you #teamchristina or #teamkirsten?

Now now girls, let's have a clean fight (kidding, scratch each others eyes out!)

Monday, 30 April 2012

fakeshake3 DEAD?

During my daily dose of nostalgic doll visiting, I saw this flood of comments in fakeshake3's guestbook...

*Click to enlarge*

Like, as if! Right?

I don't know what triggered this sudden flash mob of mourning, but whatever it is surely happened behind closed doors considering we've heard nothing of it.

I doubt she is actually dead, but you never know. She's not been online in SIX days...

But who knows, maybe she's just on vacay or taking time away from Dollywood.

What are your thoughts? 
Overreaction of her absence 
or a secret nobody knows?

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Stardoll's biggest ever Club, OriginalClub (Better known by some as OC) has been "temporarily" shut down. This all happened after some 11 year old tween trollop, who goes by the name of "LavenderLuva", reportedly stripped on camera to several other members of the club on highly used chat site

Credit to MDM for image

It all started when LavenderLuva (who's account has now been deleted, for obvious reasons) created a Topic in OriginalClub encouraging people to visit a tinychat link where she was supposed to converse with others ,whilst using a webcam and microphone, about domestic subjects etc. But that all took a turn for the worst when the young girl, just aged ELEVEN began to remove her clothing, still broadcasting her webcam for all to see! Without much hesitation, a user of the current chatroom reported her behaviour and nobody really knows what went on from there.

Although, rumours are flying that somebody called the police in an effort to bring this worrying and dangerous act to their attention. Apparently, it did and LavenderLuvas parents are having charges pressed against them for allowing their child to indecently expose herself online.

Some say LavenderLuva didn't know her camera was on and that she took off her dress to take something out of her pocket, or that she was just casually changing unaware that she was still broadcasting. But many, including me, can't turn a blind eye to this apalling and, in all honesty, disgraceful occurance.

Peace out ducklings!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011



So as you may remember, I had plans to delete this run down blog all together, but with a little self reassurance and pinch of determination, those plans were scrapped! I now have hopes of reviving The Stardoll Talk and bringing you frequent and fun gossip!

Aren't you just SO happy?

Peace out ducklings

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Revenge? Whut? GIFT?!

As I was browsing through comments on the latest PSG post, I found this...

The picture this comment links to is very graphic and looks like something from Stardoll Playboy. For security reasons (I don't know how young some readers are), here is the picture with certain "graphic" parts, blacked out...

Add caption

If you desperately want to see the picture without the "sensors", click HERE. I must warn you it is VERY sexually graphic and would not recommend younger users to view it.

Firstly, who is ML? Any guesses? I'm clueless really. A loving friend of Jenna, is who she deems to be. This made me think Mel? But surely, the Mel we all know and love wouldn't do this. Maybe it's somebody framing her? Who knows?

It also says something about Jenna not posting about this persons account being deleted. Maybe it's comes-to-your-mind-when-someone-says-hack, mizzmileycyrus9.

Like I said though, clueless.

Do you have any idea who it could be?
Do you even care?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ellie leaving?

Today, to my surprise, I had a conversation with the ever so popular; fakeshake3. She isn't really very sociable , to my knowledge that is, so it was quite a surprise when she answered me.

Here's what she had to say...

Sorry about the shit quality, I was rushing.

She was actually really nice and I was VERY shocked when she mentioned leaving. It would be sad to see her go, but to my analysis, she is too obsessed to leave. She is probably THE most famous person in Dollywood, she's a Stardoll treasure. The main reason many would disagree with me, is due to envy, but we should all be grateful for what we have.

What do you think?
Would you care if Ellie left?