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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Stardoll's biggest ever Club, OriginalClub (Better known by some as OC) has been "temporarily" shut down. This all happened after some 11 year old tween trollop, who goes by the name of "LavenderLuva", reportedly stripped on camera to several other members of the club on highly used chat site

Credit to MDM for image

It all started when LavenderLuva (who's account has now been deleted, for obvious reasons) created a Topic in OriginalClub encouraging people to visit a tinychat link where she was supposed to converse with others ,whilst using a webcam and microphone, about domestic subjects etc. But that all took a turn for the worst when the young girl, just aged ELEVEN began to remove her clothing, still broadcasting her webcam for all to see! Without much hesitation, a user of the current chatroom reported her behaviour and nobody really knows what went on from there.

Although, rumours are flying that somebody called the police in an effort to bring this worrying and dangerous act to their attention. Apparently, it did and LavenderLuvas parents are having charges pressed against them for allowing their child to indecently expose herself online.

Some say LavenderLuva didn't know her camera was on and that she took off her dress to take something out of her pocket, or that she was just casually changing unaware that she was still broadcasting. But many, including me, can't turn a blind eye to this apalling and, in all honesty, disgraceful occurance.

Peace out ducklings!


juicy-much said...

Lawl, I wanna know if she was an "elite" in OC.
Then I can really judge her.

natasha-rox286 said...

Wow, you write really good,
you should be a journalist.
Anways, that chick did the wrong thing, she's 11, people know better not to do stupid stuff like her.