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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Beg for more copy cats

As I was surfing through my good friend Selena's blog Beg for more... (Which is getting more and more popular by the minute), I saw a post by one of her new writers (and a good friend of mine) on trial, her name is xxmeabhxx on Stardoll. Anyway, here is what she posted...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This post seems familiar right? Well you would be correct in thinking so. 

This EXACT post was posted by my favourite blogger ever,  SaltyDan last month on SMW. Look...

Even the fucking picture! 

Good job this story-stealer is on trial. I am almost certain that Selena will NOT be taking her on board. 

Honestly, what was xxmeabhxx thinking? 
Shame on her.



Yumi. said...

I freaked when I saw that post, I went, 'Wait! I've seen this exact post before!' and it turns out to be by Dan.

I'm not trying to be mean, but, it's utterly stupid and idiotic to copy a post. Sure, like when I write stories, I get small ideas like, 'Oh, that's how this is written! Maybe, I should try this format, it looks really good!!' stuff like that, I don't flat out copy someone...

Stardollz Vogue said...

yeah say that, kinda bogus.

Hunnlgall said...

I KNEW I had seen that post before!!! I JUST KNEW IT! God damnt it!!!!! Fuck, she is trying to give my blog a bad rep! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! She is officially fired.

LOL The Word verification is 'Ballsest' xD