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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Monthly Interview.

Wassup you demented dollies?

I thought it would be a fun idea, that every month, I would interview a certain well known member of Stardoll so that we can all get an insight on their opinions of certain topics.

This month I decided to interview Kasia (UndamyUmbrellla) seeing as she has had a VERY busy, chaotic year on Stardoll already, and it's only March! Here's how the interview went...

Jack; Hello Kasia! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. The first thing I would like to talk about, is the whole commotion over you being deleted because of making your (in my opinion, gorgeous) tit dresses. What exactly went on there?

Kasia; Well, I made these dresses and I bought a few for my doll. At the same time, I knew they were controversial so I paired them with a few other dresses I had made that displayed some relatively subliminal inappropriate imagery. Together, they formed a collection. I thought it was funny, to be honest. My account was temporarily closed for 24 hours without any warning, and I was sure that it had been permanently terminated. It was upsetting. They reactivated it the next day, luckily, and sent me a final warning. It was the tit dress that got me in the end, as Stardoll stated specifically that the reason my account closed was because I was making "sexually inappropriate dresses." I'm not surprised that they'd be considered inappropriate, but this is clearly some sort of gender and censorship debate that goes far beyond Stardoll.
I didn't exactly intend to sell them. I've sold some designs, but people don't usually buy them so quickly. I sold about 60 pieces from my collection of dresses in just a few days, which was insane. So many people were asking for them. A week after my account was reactivated, Stardoll had cleared my suite of a few designs, including a poster that I had in my suite that said "WORSHIP ME" on it. And, they also deleted most of my fabrics in the StarDesign shop, including the tit dress fabric.

Jack;  I completely agree with you about the gender and censorship debate thing. It is, in a way, sexist. But, this is intentionally a kid’s site, yet kid’s now a days are seeing these things from the ages of five and up. Do you think that Stardoll is a sexist site?

Kasia; I wouldn't say that, necessarily. It’s just interesting to me. It's a massive part of our existence as humans... not just MeDolls, of course. Evolutionarily, women have to cover up. We’ll be harassed, victimized, raped. You can’t walk down a city street shirtless, you just can’t. However, this site should be a safe environment. Granted it’s a child/teen-cantered environment, but it just bothers me that I was punished because little girls reported me. Little girls felt somehow repulsed by this display. Why? Girls shouldn’t be taught to suppress, suppress, suppress. A little pink nipple is not satanic! I’m not going to just complain about this… Men have a lot of pressures set on them too, a lot of codes to follow. A man can’t always show natural sensitivity, femininity… A man can’t necessarily walk down the street holding another man’s hand without running the risk of being brutally beaten. Just because it’s potentially dangerous to display gay love in public that doesn’t mean that you should be taught to completely suppress that, to completely disguise that. That’s not satanic; it’s beautiful, natural. Why are we taught to suppress our bodies? Are they satanic? There was this girl who was a track star at her High School and one day the principal was watching the track team and he called a meeting in his office with her, her track coach and her mother, and he ordered the girl to wear a bra. She wasn’t allowed to run in track unless she wore a bra. Is it normal to be taught to suppress your own body like this? To be treated like there’s something wrong with you and you need to fix it, you need to cover it. I’m not saying we should all be shirtless, maybe the mystique is some sort of natural part of female seduction or something, I honestly don’t know. I’m just talking off the top of my head here. A lot of this is disturbing and fascinating to me.

Also, you have those big rock stars. Jim Morrison is shirtless in such glory. They stage dive with such power, such glory. Yet, Courtney Love stage dives and her clothes are ripped off of her and she’s sexually assaulted and a newspaper runs an article stating that she was “asking for it.” Which inspired her to write the song with that same name. Apparently, a woman is “asking” to be ****d if she puts herself out there, if she’s dressed in something revealing, if she’s not suppressing. We must suppress! It’s fucked up, really.

Jack; You have made a very good point, Kasia. I love the passion you have towards this subject, it really shows us that there are real, passionate people behind the dolls and not just robotic morons. Moving on to the next subject now; How do you feel about your good friend, Charlotte, being removed from PSG?

KasiaWell, thanks. I'm aware that I can be overly dramatic at times. I mean, whatever... I think it's fine that she was removed. I think she was done. I think she was ready. Everything is sort of moving in a new direction with relatively new people like you, Jack, who are excited about being a part of all of this. I still find myself coming on here, but I've moved on. I think Charlotte's moved on too. And, that's good!

Jack; It is important to move on sometimes, you're right! It's been really interesting to hear your insights! Thank you for answering my questions, Kasia!

What do you think?
Do you agree with Kasia's thoughts?


(P.S; If there is a member you would like me to interview, just let me know in the comments)


Sucks2BeYou said...

Noelle Page hates your guts right? Why don't you interview her? LOLZ!

Hunnlgall said...

You should interview emorox4eva to get all the dirt xD