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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jenna hacked...AGAIN!

Yes, that's right, our beloved top blogger and Stardoll socialite Jenna (emorox4eva) has been hacked. 

After finding out herself, here's what she posted on SMW...

We ask ourselves the SAME question, EVERY time an elite get's hacked, and that question is...


If it was for real, then boohoo for them. They OBVIOUSLY MUST have done something wrong in order for them to get hacked.

Jenna is a good girl (as far as I know) with a succesful blog and a good reputation (again, as far as I know). So there is no need for her to pull a publicity stunt. But still, some people are just that desperate. 

If she is telling the truth, then I hope she gets her account back.

Jenna, if you're reading this and you ARE IN FACT LYING. Give up, babe. Take a leaf from my book; Lying about being hacked, will get you NO where.

UPDATE!; Jenna's account has been suspended/deleted.


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