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Monday, 7 March 2011

Please stay and forfill your hacking destiny!

Like what I did with the title there? ;) 'Course ya did!

Anyway, moving on to the topic...

mizzmileycyrus9, also known as the hacker of mine, plus a billion other accounts, is sadly leaving Stardoll. We all knew this day would come, she has been featured on several blogs and thinks that she has become elite, therefore she is being extremely melodramatic by pulling off the "I'm leaving" stunt.

Pictured here wearing her badly made t-shirt

When times get tough in Dollywood, you don't walk out on all your beloved friends...oh wait...she has none...awkwaaaaard...

Still, she should NOT just bail out of Stardoll, she should return everything she took to the person she took it from, give them all a Stardoll code (to make up for the complete trauma and the money she probably took) and wipe her slate clean to start a new virtual life as a GOOD person.

But I highly doubt she could manage such a difficult task, she's addicted, hacking is her fucking cocaine and she can't keep herself way from it. She will stretch the limits and she will go as far as anything to get that password. She says she will stop, but we all know she will strike again.

Destiny (which I doubt is her real name) has her own blog, I would link you to it but she's probably got a trillion "cookie stealers" or whatever hooked up to it just ready to SWIPE away your password. Be careful what she asks you, she may want you to write for her blog, don't do it because she will want your e-mail and then God knows what she will do with it. Just don't speak to the girl AT ALL, it's the easiest option.

Now, there are many ways a hacker can get your password, and I, myself, do not know how to prevent your password from being taken, BUT- if you click here you will find a whole page of helpful tips on how to keep your password safe and secure.

mizzmightaswelljustgiveup will be missed, I'm sure, but by who? Exactly. Nobody. So she can just go, leave, GTFO of our once "hack free wonderland" they name, Dollywood.

'Cause that stupid bitch, doesn't belong in our perfect pixel world.



sedona said...

Amen. totally fuckin agree :D

Lizzy. :) said...

YAY. Finally Someone Said It.

Ruubin/Hunnlgall said...

She is LOCO! It was fun doing the segment on PSG about it with you Jackie :D love yah!